At Northern DataComm we provide top notch service at resonable rates. Our company is able to provide many of the same services as a large consultant group at a lower cost.

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Anti-Virus, Malware and Spam Management

Having a hard time managing the onslaught of virus and spam. We can provide you with solutions including Sophos Anti-Virus and Puremessage Spam Filter to reduce the clutter and get you back up and running smoothly.

Network Design & Maintenance

How is your network setup, do you have wires laying on the floor that are being walked over. We can help you redesign your network and give your office the professional look it needs. You don't have a network, still using Sneaker Net? We can help to design a network to make your company more efficient.

Email, Website Hosting & Setup

Are you paying high fees to host your website, don't have email yet for your domain. We can help, our Network Technicians can provide you with the setup and configuration to have that personalized email domain you've always wanted.

Virtual Private Network Configuration

Have more than one office and need to get a connection between the two. We can provide you with a Virtual Private Network, that will allow you to securely transmit information between your offices. Users want to work from home or on the road? let us setup a secure VPN Tunnel so they can have access to files and network resources.

Client/Server Maintenance

Do your servers need some good old TLC. We provide a regular maintenance schedule of your servers so you don’t have to worry about them. We make sure they are up and running 24/7 and keep watch to make sure you’re users keep working. Users need a helping hand with email or program installs, we’re there to help with that too. With Instant Support software we can connect to any computer quickly to remotely diagnose issues, saving you time and money.

Website Design and Rehabilitation

Whether you are looking for a face lift to your current site or looking to advertise your businesss on the net with a new web site, Northern DataComm can help you do this.

Wireless Networks & Point to Point Site Configurations

Users complaining about being stuck at their desks. We work with some of today's latest manufacturers and can install a network free of cables for all of your users. Do you have offices that are not connected and that you'd like to have connected, but don't want the monthly costs of DSL or cable. We can setup a point to point wireless connection between your offices to get your remote office up and running. We have solutions that work for up to 10 Miles (Line of Site) and connection speeds up to 1Gigabit.

Office Phone Systems

Overwhelmed with picking the perfect phone system for your office? No worries, leave it to Northern DataComm to walk you through the process of picking out the perfect system and installing it in your office.